Natural Fragrance

For Pleasure and Wellbeing


— Modern Botanical Fragrances Made with Care —

All natural

Made exclusively with botanical ingredients—a true luxury in a world of synthetic fragrance. You'll smell the difference. 

Comfortable to Wear

Our perfumes are light and wear close to the skin—ideal for social encounters and sensitive types.

Endorphin Love

We create fragrances that heighten your sense of pleasure and wellbeing. Our scents balance and support mood. 

— Do What Feels Natural —

We believe that healthy ingredients and gorgeous smells go hand in hand. Reconnect with scent. Let us introduce you to our luxe botanical palette.   

From our sultry, soothing rose to the most sparkling frankincense—our ingredients are the foundation of an intimate and personal experience.

— An Invitation to Experience —

Try the Florescent Sample Collection at home, and you’ll receive a $10 credit toward the purchase of a full size fragrance.

Scent is so personal, so subjective. It takes time to understand how a fragrance behaves and smells on your skin, with your chemistry. Our deluxe samples help you find the right fragrance risk-free at your own pace.

For the Love of Luxury

Artisan made, small batch creations.

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Superior ingredients

Always fresh. Nothing synthetic.

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Made to live in

Take us with you , day and night.

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